It’s September – Time for more Pony Progress

And Summer is finally started and has progress to show for it. Ten hours of stitching was completed on 8/22/11 and believe it or not, this is 25% of the pattern marked as complete.

And here is a new five hour stretch completed on Winter on 8/31/11. We’re at 65% complete and even more would be done if I had just finished the snowflake in the saddle blanket. I just was not in the mood to mess with the metallics this round.

It doesn’t show but if you look in the upper right corner, there are 8 stitches of Krenik #4 that weren’t there in the last picture. Which is slightly odd too since I just couldn’t bring myself to pull out the Krenik roll for Winter.

And the only thing which happened to Spring this month was some trimming of tails on the backside of the stitching. August was a fairly productive month.

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  1. Cheering you on with these pieces, Stasha! Enjoy the journey to the finishes.


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