End of July, Start of August Pony Update

So I actually started Summer this month which means all 4 ponies are really in progress. With Summer, I did enough of the center to get me to the upper left corner and I’m going to work upper left and across. Much in the opposite way I’ve been working on Winter. I have decided to stick with the 10 hour blocks with 5 hours on Winter in between the rotation. I have 4.65 hours to put in on Summer before putting Winter back on the stand and I’m really anxious to get the next 5 hours in on Winter.

The question I do have though is should Winter also get a 10 hour slot in addition to the 5 hour focus slot in between the others. I’m not sure I could put a full 20 hours in on it without hating it though. We’ll see what happens after the 10 hours on Fall which is coming up in 9.65 hours.

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