>There’s something about a good cup of tea…

>Recently when our kitchen sink died, we looked at options for a different style of faucet. The new sink had 4 holes available two for the hot and cold taps, one for the faucet and one for a sprayer. However, the faucet I liked had a single tap, a faucet and the sprayer leaving space for a soap container or something else. We opted for something else – a hot water dispenser.

The lucky thing is our RevereWare teakettle died a few days after we put in the new sink. So instead of putting on the kettle and waiting for the whistle to blow, I now turn the tap and get boiling water. Somehow it isn’t the same experience. With the kettle there was a ritual. I would change the water and put it on the stove. Then I would select the tea – usually a citrus blend or a green with ginseng and get out the honey or artificial sweetener.
There’s anticipation in putting the kettle on and waiting. Now with the hot water dispenser, I put the teabag in the cup and turn the tap. The anticipation is gone. I still enjoy the tea yet it’s missing something. I think it’s the anticipation.
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