>Letting the subconscious out to play…

>I’m doing better this time around keeping in touch with people who helped me with my job search. I stopped in to visit the group that Mary Cosgrove runs because she announced she was doing Dream Boards and mine desperately needed updating. I should explain that believe strongly in Dream Boards although I do dream boards a bit differently than many people. I get a large selection of magazines from second hand shops or the library. Then without really looking, I grab a magazine and just flip through and rip out pages. I ended up grabbing Architectural Digest, a Pottery Barn catalog and Fasttrack. After I had my ripped out pages, I cropped and arranged and then pasted. It’s not until things are glued in place that I stop to think about what the poster says. I have a lot of rooms with beach views, a house in the mountains, two bookshelves, a stack of furs throws, a commercial refrigerator with the line – It’s what’s inside that matters, and the eBay logo from a headline surrounding a huge garage door.

The door symbolizes opportunity and change. The one thing that hits me every morning though is a headline from a Fasttrack ad – They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But what if it’s broke and you don’t know it?
I’ve been pondering the line and trying to decide if it refers to my life or if it refers to analyst jobs that I should be looking for so I’m not bored to death at work.
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