>One week progress…

>Just so you know, I did not complete my January goal on Winter today but I came pretty dang close!

I was thinking that I could spend one week each month on the horses but Winter is going to get some extra days this month. I finished the netting but I have the metallic backstitching to finish, backstitching the leaves and adding the beads still to do. Then it’s on to the Fall horse. I did get all my threads onto a single ring and I’m missing 2 colors for Summer.
So my goal for Summer is completed. I’ve done the color conversion and I’ve even pulled the threads and bought bars. I want to put some stitching into Spring before I mount Summer if only because I have this horrid fear that I’ll somehow mix them up if I have the two blank fabrics up on bars.
And as for progress on my other goals, I only used the elevator once – I accidentally left my keys to the staircase in my office when I went to lunch with DH so I had to ride the elevator up after lunch. Not bad for a whole week of work.
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