>A picture frame with instructions?

>For Christmas my kids gave me a digital picture frame. Here I am 3 weeks after Christmas and the only pictures on my frame are the ones that came pre-loaded on the frame. I have it plugged in. I know where the port is to plug in the USB drive to load pictures on the frame but I haven’t loaded anything. I’ve thought about it once or twice. Today I thought about it even more as we visited with the Aunt that my kids call Grandma. Aunt Dorothy has taken the south wall of the family room and put up family pictures.

I’ve never been big at putting up family pictures. We take them every year and some years they even get printed. I have some candids of my kids on my hard drive but the majority of my .jpg files are stitching and crafting pictures. Yet even then I’m not current on those either. I finished the 100 project challenge over a week ago and my credenza is still filled with projects waiting to have their picture taken.
I also have several rolls of film to be developed – none of them Kodachrome – including a roll of Elph film that I’m not sure anyone still develops. The sad part is the Elph roll is my trip to San Jose when I visited Whizgidget and the Winchester House. There is a parquet floor in the Winchester house that would make a really cool quilt and the pictures are trapped in the camera. I have a bad habit when it comes to pictures – I take them and then that’s it. I’m married to a photographer and after I shoot a picture, I give the film to him for development and printing. I have many strips of negatives. I have proof sheets. I have been offered lessons in how to print if I want actual prints and that’s where it stops. I have a digital printer. I have a photo frame with an instruction booklet.
I still don’t have any pictures…
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