>Setting Goals for the New Year….

>I don’t like New Year’s resolutions but I do like taking time each quarter to review my goals and see where I am. 2010 was the year of survival mode. I don’t think I really did much in the way of goals beyond living day to day and just surviving.

So now that I have some breathing space, it’s time to look around and figure out what direction to go and what steps to take to get there.
I have hobby goals for this year –
1. One thread a day in the carousel horses – more if time permits.
So now to look at other areas –
Environmental – 15 to 20 minutes of house cleaning every day after work. Try to get rest of the family to join in.
Financial – Continue to work on the Debt Snowball.
Social – Blog at least once a week. Try to meet at least one new person a week.
Physical – no more elevators – It’s only 4 flights up to work, even that much exercise will make a difference, Get back to a dance class.
Spiritual – read at least 15 minutes of holy writ (not just my religion but others as well), spend some time each week listening to silence.
Academic – read at least one classic from the great classics on my Nookcolor or on my shelf each month
Sounds ambitious but do-able.
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