>2011 – The Year of the TW Carousel Horses


Back in 2000 I discovered the Teresa Wentzler bulletin board. I had completed all of the rocking horses and Fantasy sampler. I was working on Fruit Bell Pull and Dragon Ride. I had purchased all the Seasonal Carousel Horses and had dreams of doing them on the same fabric. Thanks to someone on the board, I ended up with enough 40 ct fabric to do all four. 40ct meant that it had to be stitched with a single strand so all those great TW blends needed to become a single strand, which I did by converting the DMC colors to Anchor.
A good friend I’d met on the TWBB worked a trade and I sent her about 2 pounds of DMC and she gridded the fabric for me. I got it back and started Winter and that’s about as far as it’s gone. In Ten years, this is my progress –
Summer hasn’t been touched. I haven’t even done the color conversion.

Spring has been color converted but it hasn’t been started. I did put the fabric up on grid bars though.Autumn was started in February 2010 as part of the stitching Olympics.
And with 10 years of work on it, here is Winter.

In the last few years, my eyesight has reached the point where I can’t stitch without a magnifier or at least magnifying glasses. It’s made me realize that if I’m going to finish these, I need to do them soon. If these were solid like an HAED pattern there would be 50,000 stitches in each one. That means, if I hadn’t started any of them, I could finish all of them if I did 550 stitches every day. I will settle for putting at least one strand a day into at least one of the carousel Horses every day this year. And so begins the year of the TW Carousel Horses. I have a goal to post progress pics each month, if I don’t post them – email me?
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  1. >Wow! They're going to look great when you're done. 550 stitches is a lot, but I think you will get them done! Are you trying to do it all this year?

  2. >I doubt that I'll accomplish 550 stitches a night and I doubt that I'll finish all four this year. It would be nice to finish at least one though and possibly more.

  3. Alice

     /  August 13, 2011

    Like you, my eyesight cannot do any stitching without a decent magnifier. I hope this project won’t worsen your eyes. It’s a tremendous undertaking with such fine detailed work. I wish you much success and look forward to seeing your postings.


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