>Guilt Free January, Crazy Tammikuu, or Stop the Insanity?

>I’ve been working for the last four years on reducing my active works in progress list strangely though a lot of the projects that were on my to finish list in 2007 are still on my list to finish. When I started the 100 project challenge I had over 200 projects on my spreadsheet. Somewhere along the line, along with finishing 88 things, I had the brilliant idea to remove anything that hadn’t been started from my list and move it to either a list of fully kitted items or patterns I owned and lusted about.

This leaves me today with a project list of 75 started yet unfinished objects (This includes two items at the framers and 2 items that I just need to seal the frames and they’re finished.) I have a list of 62 items that are fully kitted and ready to start.
That leads me to next month. Traditionally January has been Guilt Free start month. This year there is a twist proposed by a Finnish stitcher. During January, pick 15 projects to start during the first 15 days of the month. Then, during the year 2011, complete those 15 projects, posting pictures on your blog. I do have 14 small projects fully kitted that I could start and would probably finish during the year if I worked on them. But, what of the 11 Large and Medium projects which I’ve already got started and should really finish during 2011? I still need to finish 12 items to complete the 100 project challenge.
For me, participation in Guilt Free January has been limited to working on my hobbies and ignoring the housework. I haven’t really started anything new during Guilt Free January although I was thinking about it this year. However, I’m really thinking that before I start anything new at all, I need to finish either Winter Carousel Horse by Teresa Wentzler or FireDance by Enchanted Lair. Those two are both over 44% finished which is about the closest I have to finished in my Large and Medium categories. Next would come the Red Thread sampler which really is a collection of smaller pieces which could be used to quickly complete the 100 project challenge.
So that leads me to the next suggestion put out there by Susan – Stop the Insanity! This really sounds like something I should do with a bit of modification. During my days off leading up to the new year of 2011, I should recalculate and see on the 75 projects I have started, which 15 are closest to being completed. Then starting in January, I will start working on the project closest to being finished and work on it until I can’t stand it anymore. Then I will start putting one thread a night for stitching projects and 2 hours a weekend for quilting projects into it and start working on the 2nd project on the list. With luck, I will have finished at least one of those before I get beyond sick of the 2 of them. Then I can start working on the 3rd project and so on…. This way, I should have at least 12 finishes during the year or at least make noticeable progress.
The goal is to have progress pictures up for you during the last week of December or during the State of the Stitching address in January – along with a list of the 15 items for the year.
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  1. >That sounds like a plan. You have a lot more time for stitching than I do, and I did guilt-free jan. last year and I'm still way behind on other projects. I think, when I get time to stitch, that I will just work on whatever can be finished first (unless I have an obligation, which I do). Then at least I'll have HDs! I will look at your blog to see what you get done 🙂 if you'll look at mine 🙂

  2. >I ended up dropping this idea for my year of Carousel Horses. I'll be happy to follow your progress though.


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