>MAPP testing…

>Stasha is strongly motivated to coordinate: to take actions, to manipulate that which is at hand in order to “get the show on the road.” Because of the strong motivational levels for this, it is very important to determine whether Stasha has first seen the big picture, pulled in important pieces of the picture, made plans, and developed strategies before taking action. If “Coordination” is the top priority, it becomes a “General Patton Syndrome” which is to begin the charge, then identify the objective, and hope that someone follows with the supplies. If there are equal motivational levels in this trait as in other mental traits, it still means enthusiasm and drive to take action, but it is balanced with other related functions. This trait represents preferences that are goal oriented!

Hmm, never had a test peg me so accurately before…
Stasha is strongly motivated to apply thinking to the big picture through holistic ideas, concepts, options, and strategies. This does not mean, suggest, or imply that thinking is kept only in a holistic context but it does mean that the first and constant priority or preference for consideration and focus are on the big picture. (Example: Stasha more likely prefers to be an executive rather than a manager, and more inclined to be a manager rather than a supervisor.) Considering how pieces of the picture are brought in to the big picture stimulates motivation for the activity.
Now, how does this fit with the previous piece?
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