It’s football season again…

and practices are running 2 hours a day on 6 days of the week. I love this because it means I get to sit and talk with the other moms and work on a craft project every day. Right now I’m working on my Stretch pillowcases which I started back when the pattern first came out. Since starting the season, I have one pillowcase finished and I’m almost finished with the 2nd one. That’s a lot of progress on a project which has been languishing since 2003!

I may actually get it finished in time to send it to the State Fair this year we’ll see how practice goes this week since I’m going to interupt 2 days to start Yoga classes – they’re free at 24 hour Fitness.
Oh, and the reason I have all this time – My youngest son made the starting offensive line of the A team for his age group.
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