Love when I make a thrift store score!!

My boys switched bedrooms, DS#2 wanted the ceiling fan and the built in desk. DS#1 wanted the walkin closet and extra 12 inches of floor space. After the move, DS#1 needs a desk so it’s off to the garage sales and thrift stores we go. I’m a believer in wood furniture and to get that at a reasonable price, I’m looking at other peoples used stuff.

Saturday morning after the garage sales is a great time to visit Deseret Industries. In the AsIs section we found a wonderful desk with Oak drawers and pedastal but the laminate top was cracked, broken and easy to peel off. Even better, the drawers are the full 34 inch length, not the half length of most later models. Since it was AsIs we got it for $15.
While DH was looking at alternate desks (since the one we got will hamper opening the closet) I spotted a cute little sewing machine table.
As I started opening up the table to make sure the hinges worked, I saw that the sewing machine was still attached! Inside the lovely maple cabinet was an Elna Supermatic C1. At this point I grabbed an employee to see if he could get me an extension cord. Yea, baby! plugged in this machine goes forward and backward so the motor is not burned out and the lightbulb still works.
And Wait!!! That’s not all folks!!
In the lovely drawers of this delightful maple cabinet were the original owners manual, the Elna STRETCH fabrics instruction book, 17 embroidery stitch cams, the container with spare faceplates and all the feet attachments (including both parts of the darning foot), the original receipt showing purchase of the machine and the cabinet from Golden State Appliance on 5/28/71 for a cash price of $471.40 after tax and a card from salesman Edwin Hines at Golden State. The call for service sticker on the machine is for a shop in AZ and I’m finding this at a thrift shop in UT.
Needless to say, I plunked down the $50 and loaded that puppy in my truck and drove straight to Valley Sewing and Vacuum who is the authorized Elna repair shop in town. He told me I got a steal since the package of cams alone is worth more than the $50. He’s going to tune the machine up and it will be ready in 2 weeks. I can’t wait to get it back. I’ll have pictures as soon as she comes in the door.
Now the hard part, first, to stay off eBay and keep from purchasing the cams I don’t have. Second, how do I reorganize my craft room to put her in? I have the perfect work flow going now…
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