Enjoying insomnia comes to an end…

I’ve been enjoying insomnia for the last several months. No really, I have been enjoying it. The family goes to sleep and I have several hours to do whatever I would like to do. I can quilt, read, stitch or just surf. I’ll admit that I’ve probably spent too much time playing PuzzleQuest and following people on Twitter.

Last night though, I slept well. I’m not sure if it had to do with flushing my brain and putting together a new plan of action or if I just hit the wall and crashed. However, when I’ve hit the wall before, the sleep hasn’t been restful, just plentiful. This morning, I woke up rested. I was ready to hit the day running. I set up a goal for the week, 3 to do items for today which will get me to my weekly goal and headed to work – only to find I’ve left my phone and iPod home. No worries, I ran home on my break and grabbed them. Rest of the day was productive even with the standard run of interruptions.

Best interruption to the schedule was going to DS#1’s radio performance as school. He was John in The Battling Bickerson’s The Operation. He did a great job except his snoring could use some work. I still have a few things left on my to do list for today and I have time to do them tomorrow and still get my list for tomorrow done. It feels so great to be in control again.

So, I’m off to the gym and then another restful night.

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