My new area…

I’ve redone my crafting area. I have a larger space, however, this is the view from the front door as one walks in the house.

Yes, the front door. The best space available happens to be the front room the home builder assumed would be a formal dining room. Not being one for formal dining, in our house the space has been a music room, a computer room, DH’s art gallery and now it’s my craft room. Since it is the first thing visible as one enters the house, I have to keep it cleaner than I did when it was in the back of the house. If one enters the room, they see this:I love the Expedit shelves from Ikea. I had them in the old room and I had space to add a few more, so I did. The books now have their own shelf. I also had Karen from Enough, Enough come in and help with organization. She has an eye for space. She suggested that my fat quarters and other fabric stash would be happier in mesh bags. She’s right. I have combined both light and dark neutrals on one shelf. Same with Red and Green, Purple and Blue, and Florals now live with 30’s reproductions.In addition to storage, I have working room. Currently three projects sit ready for me to work on at any time. The 30’s sixteen patch is almost quilted (about 8 to 10 hours left on it before binding), a Christmas table runner is visible so I can keep throwing ideas for the pattern to quilt on it, and in the corner, is Theresa Wentzler’s Winter Carousel horse on 40 ct linen gridded for me by the indomitable Edie and stitched over 2 with a single strand of Anchor floss. The project on the table is the Jungle Quilt which is in need of 45 blocks before I can piece it.

Anyway, this is my new sanctuary.

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