National Quilt Day

National Quilt Day just ended and I didn’t do much to celebrate it.
I did get the last of my fabric organized in it’s move to a new room.
I slimmed down the denim I’ve collected by either cutting out the seams so I have just fabric or deciding the jeans were in a condition that would allow them to be donated to charity, thus removing them from the cut into fabric block.
I thought about starting the Block of the Month that I’ve pulled fabrics for then realized I didn’t know which direction to cut the strips. So I DMTwittered the designer.
I did take my old Monster Quilt WIP out of the bag, organized it, finished tacking down the fusible applique on one block and put it back away.
I sorted through my completed Quilt of the Month tops, found one ready to quilt and hung it where I can start musing on what patterns to use. Decided to do a pieced back for a Valentine’s one, and realized the snowflake one needs a back and put it back in the bag.
I put the pieces to the Quiltigami/Drunkard’s Path Quilt back in the main case since I’m not in the mood to work on it.
Just realized this minute that I don’t have a new carry and quilt project since I didn’t pull out the next block in the monster quilt.

So all in all an unproductive National Quilt Day although looking at it now, I just wasn’t in the mood to focus on a quilting project. Hope everyone else enjoyed it!

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