Found a great blog through Twitter….

Came across this blog through a Twitter update. I’ll admit that I’m Twitterpated and having a fun time. I’m meeting some great people and learning lots of new things and did I ever mention that much like #5 I need input to function? I’m finding that I actually get more done at work because I have Twitter feeds coming in on my Blackberry. See, now that I have an automatic multi-tasking distraction, I can concentrate on the job at hand. That probably makes no sense to non-ADHD types.
I need to have background sound or tactile distractions in order to function. It’s why I sat at the back of the class during my MBA program. I followed the discussions just fine and I didn’t want to bother anyone else with either my foot tapping or by playing Fitz, Bejeweled or doing Sudoku puzzles while taking notes. I know it drove at least one of my team members crazy. He said it wasn’t fair that I could multi-task while it was taking all he could do to follow the conversation. I will point out that I did more foot tapping in accounting than I did game playing. It took all I had to type out the equations. I really envied the guy with the Mac who tilted his screen and used the stylus to take notes.
But back to the starting topic – – Quilting on a Budget – I’m part of an abstinence challenge this year. Yes, an entire year without spending money on my hobbies. (What you thought I was abstaining from something else? Get real!!) I’m planning on spending most of this year working on the started or kitted projects that I already have going. But then, I spend more time spreadsheeting my hobbies than I do working on my hobbies (back to that data geek aspect of my life!). Anyway, please swing by Quilting on a Budget – after all, some hobby tips go across the spectrum.

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  1. Nicole

     /  March 21, 2009

    I find that I need the same distractions as you to function. I just need the mental challenge, otherwise I get bored because I am not adequately stimulated.

  2. Joan J

     /  April 1, 2009

    Well, thanks so much for writing about my Quilting on a Budget site! I always appreciate someone spreading the word!


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