Hate my Front loading Washer…

I wish I had never given up my top loading washer.

My front loader is supposed to be larger than the old top loader was but I always seem to be running more and smaller loads than I did with the top loader and the soap is so much more expensive. I always seem to be running extra rinse loads since the front loader never gets the soap out and if I use less soap, the clothes don’t get clean.

The basic wash/rinse cycle is 10 minutes longer than my old top loader – and this is supposed to be using less energy?

I wish we hadn’t fallen for the spin and had just repaired our old washer.

So much for my goal to not whine or complain…

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  1. Sewunicorn

     /  March 9, 2009

    My parents also got a new front-load set last year. Dad adores it, but Mom complains about the wash time too. The loads seem to be the same size or maybe a bit larger. The wash cycle – on normal settings – is 65 minutes. The sanitize setting she uses for towels is almost two full hours. Completely throws off her groove. Used to be that the wash cycle was just barely shorter than the perfect dry time so she could use the washer to tell her when to pull the clothes from the dryer and have virtually no downtime between loads.I haven’t compared prices between the regular Tide I use in the top load here at my apartment and the Tide HE she uses at home. I should, though, because the laundromat switched to HE front loaders and I do sometimes go there when I’ve got a ton of catching up to do.


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