Identify Your Currency

I once had a budgeting specialist tell me to measure my purchases based on how many hours I would have to work in order to purchase the item I was considering. Well that didn’t work for me. I still ended out grabbing the $3.22 meal at Wendys because it was only a couple minutes.

I think I found a unit of currency which will work for me though. I was reading a blog post on Budgeting for Quilting in a down economy and she mentioned that she used a fat quarter as her unit of currency and it hit me. I could have bought 3 fat quarters for what I spent on lunch today. A yard of good quilting fabric is $8.99, a skein of nice silk is $6.00. I could be buying a skein of silk for every 2 runs to Wendys. A spool of Krenik runs between $3 and $5 depending on the shop and if its Blending Filiment, #4, #8, or #16.

I’ve been eating a spool of Krenik for lunch three days a week!

So, given your hobby – what’s your currency?

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  1. Lee

     /  March 4, 2009

    That’s a wonderful way of thinking! I love it!Like you, I’d be thinking of skeins of silk.

  2. Maria Peagler

     /  March 5, 2009

    Hi Stasha – Glad you enjoyed my post on Top Ten Ways I Budget for Quilting in Tough Times. It’s funny how we can spend money on the little, disposal things and think it doesn’t matter. But when money is tight, it’s amazing what a small difference can make.I love your analogy that you’ve been eating a spool of Krenik for lunch every three days.

  3. Belinda

     /  March 19, 2009

    You know, I never stopped to consider it that way. My trip to Jason’s Deli yesterday could have been a fat quarter of a nice hand-dyed from Silkweaver…


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