Well I’m not crazy!!

In June of 2007, a semi-truck dropped part of his load on the freeway in front of me, I ended up in a spin. Ever since the accident, my hip and thigh have hurt and the gait compensation to alleviate the pain has caused issues with my knee (right side, the one which was on the brake). The doctor (and the trucks insurance) kept telling me that soft tissue injuries should have healed by now. I was beginning to think I was going nuts because the pain just didn’t go away.

Well I had an MRI just a few weeks ago and they found a hip labral tear. Despite having been in the industry for ages I didn’t know that the labrum was cartilage. Can I tell you what a relief it is to have a diagnosis? Anyway it’s back to physical therapy for me – standard treatment for a labral tear is exactly what I’ve been doing, physical therapy, Nsaids, Cortisone shots and as a last resort surgery.

I’m still not sure about surgery since in my experience, I usually hurt more after the surgery than I did before.

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