Just a thought to discuss…

Just as the opposite of love is apathy rather than hate, the opposite of happiness is boredom, not sadness.


Bison will be back in the Book Cliffs!!!

New Utah Bison Herd

The Bison are expanding in the Book Cliffs. A small herd already exists but the habitat could support more. So the division pulled some Bison from the Henry Mountain Range herd, moved them to Antelope Island for medical treatment and evaluation and now they’re going to supplement the Book Cliffs breeding stock.

I’m excited! After all, the more and larger herds the more opportunities for me to get a draw in order to try for that Buffalo robe I want.

It’s been awhile…

Since The last time I talked about the state of my hobbies a lot has happened. Maybe not as much as I would have liked to have happen on my hobbies but in July of 2007 Terry and I started the 100 Project Challenge. We were supposed to finish 100 projects before buying anything new. I’ve fallen a few times but I’ve bought fewer things than I would if I hadn’t been on the challenge. As of today, I’ve finished 30 projects for the challenge. Terry has completed 80. But then I was pretty sure that it would take me 4 years to finish.

I did set some goals in 2008 –
1. Ugly Swan Quilt Contest Entry. (Decided that life is too short to make ugly quilts and didn’t enter)
2. Keep on track with the 100 project challenge.
a. 2 to 4 projects a month – total of 25 projects this year. (I’m still on track to finish in 4 years)
3. Finish at least 3 to 4 projects for the State fair
a. Most likely the TW pillowcases (I did enter 3 things into the fair but I still haven’t finished the pillowcases and came home with 2 ribbons).

So the goals for 2009 – –
1. Finish the TW Pillowcases
2. Finish a quilt WIP
3. Finish TW Winter Carousel Horse
4. Start one of the other TW Carousel horses
5. Keep on track to finish the 100 project challenge within by June 30, 2011.

Three and four are mainly a panicked reaction to the change in my eyesight. I’m having to use magnifying glasses to read or stitch anymore.

Remember the Shuffle post?

Remember the post listing the first line of songs?

Here are the answers

1. Farewell to Carlingford – Glen Yarborough
2. One Step Closer – U2
3. Hot Thing – Prince
4. Raspberries, Strawberries – The Kingston Trio
5. One Headlight – The Wallflowers
6. Love Fools (Snooper Version) – Baz Luhrmann
7. Have You Heard (Part 2) – Moody Blues
8. Ashes to Ashes – David Bowie
9. Dead on Arrival – Fall Out Boy
10. Dressed for Success – Roxette
11. A Lovely Young Man – Golden Bough
12. How Do You Like me Now? – Toby Keith
13. Feeling Good – Nina Simone
14. China Girl – David Bowie
15. Finest Worksong – R.E.M.
16. Making Port – Glen Yarborough
17. Firebird – Kathy Mar
18. Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meatloaf
19. Listen Like Thieves – INXS
20. Angel – Madonna
21. So Deep Within You – Moody Blues
22. Right Now – PussyCat Dolls
23. Stray Cat Strut – Stray Cats
24. Seventeen Again – Eurythmics
25. Now and Then – UB40
26. Time Will Tell – Yellowcard
27. Walk of Life – Dire Straits
28. Winds Four Quarters – Various Artists from the Album Murder, Mystery and Mayhem based on the work of Mercedes Lackey
29. Buried in Blue – Harry Connick Jr.
30. Wonderful from the Musical “Wicked”

So – was that an eclectic enough group of artists for you?

Growing up with two 5 gallon containers….

Just outside the kitchen door, against the east wall of the dining room were two five gallon containers when I was growing up. One contained sugar and the other was full of flour. Every morning if you wanted sugar on your cereal the top came off that bucket and the 1/4 cup measuring cup would be used to sprinkle sweet crystals over the cornflakes or oatmeal. I can remember my mom pouring 25 pound bags of sugar into the bucket. For that matter, I remember the clouds formed when my mom dumped flour into its bucket.
I must not do as much cooking and baking as my mother did. I cannot remember the bucket of flour ever going rancid. In fact, I didn’t know that flour could go rancid until I went to make cookies this Christmas and the bag of flour I bought a few years ago smelled funny and tasted even worse. So, where my mother could keep a 5 gallon bucket rotated, I can’t even use a 10 pound bag of flour before it goes bad.

But then, my mom stayed at home with 8 kids…

Some musing on… funerals

Some funerals you go to because you respected the deceased and want to show your respect. Others you go because you respect the remaining family members and want to be there to support them and show you care. Some I go to because I don’t want to disappoint family members who are expecting me to be there.

My family has always tried to put the Fun in funeral. We view them as a celebration of passage from one life to the next, just as a birth is a passage from pre-mortal existence to this plain. Both events should be celebrated. Death is a graduation from this world to the better one to come. I really enjoyed seeing all my cousins at the funeral last week, even if I really didn’t feel like going since I’m sick as a dog this weekend.

I love after Christmas sales…

I don’t by my Christmas decorations in October or November… I buy them in January when they’re 70% off. Take today, all Christmas fabrics were 70% off at JoAnn’s and then I had a 10% off entire order coupon as well. The silk Poinsettia tree at Home Depot, the one that was $35 2 weeks ago. I got it for $8 today – Notice I got them to take off more than the 70% because it was the last one and had a chip in the pot – so I put that side facing the wall and nobody knows a thing.

Michael’s was pretty well picked over, not much there worth picking up. But, all in all it was a great day with my DD. She now has her own sewing kit and doesn’t need to be borrowing mine. She also got some nice fabrics to put in her stash.