Are you Better off Today than you were a year ago?

Oh, Yes!!

This time last year I was going nuts. My husband was on bed rest and he was convinced he would lose his foot to avascular necrosis. I was working full time, at school full time working on my MBA, I had an ultra genius who couldn’t turn in homework and was failing his freshman year that was balanced by the youngest finally having that reading thing click. And to top it off, I hadn’t worked on my hobbies since I started school.

So here we are, a year later and what an incredible year.
I went to South America where I rappelled at Iquassu Falls.
I took my boys to Finland for my grandfather’s funeral and then to Paris where DS#1 discovered he loved sculpture and I discovered that DS#2 is afraid of heights. He still went to the top of L’arc de Triomphe and Le Tour Eiffel with us.
I graduated with my MBA – I have that piece of paper that says I have managerial and analytical skills.
My ultra genius figured out that grades matter and is doing better in school and my dyslexic has been accepted into the honors program in Junior High.
My daughter has found her bliss and is working with the zoo systems and getting her degree to make sure she stays there (although it will probably mean leaving here since our zoo has limited paid positions).

Yes, there are still issues in my life but not as many as last year

Oh, and best of all, I’m working on my hobbies again. I’m back on schedule for the 100 Project Challenge

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