It’s Sundance time again….

Fewer stars and people in general descended on Utah this year. It’s being debated whether the cause is the economy, Obama’s inauguration, or a poor selection of films at Sundance this year.

I doubt it’s the selection, this is the 25th year of the film festival and there is more than the films this year. During the Sundance Festival days (January 15-25), you can download the short film Instead of Abracadabra free from iTunes.

I can see the lower attendance being caused by corporate sponsors not shelling out as much this year as they did in previous years. After all, if you’re laying people off, how do you justify sending senior management on a ski and movie trip?

Or it could be a dilution of the audience since Sundance is no longer truly for independents we have the Slamdance Festival which is a great alternative for the truly low budget film maker ($99 specials anyone?). Slamdance is where I saw Ringers: Lord of the Fans and we met one of the actors from Lord of the Rings but didn’t have a camera with us. At that time they were looking for a distibutor and they appear to have found one since you can Netflix it now.

And not to be excluded – we have X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival as well this week.
So, anyone in the mood for a movie?

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