Growing up with two 5 gallon containers….

Just outside the kitchen door, against the east wall of the dining room were two five gallon containers when I was growing up. One contained sugar and the other was full of flour. Every morning if you wanted sugar on your cereal the top came off that bucket and the 1/4 cup measuring cup would be used to sprinkle sweet crystals over the cornflakes or oatmeal. I can remember my mom pouring 25 pound bags of sugar into the bucket. For that matter, I remember the clouds formed when my mom dumped flour into its bucket.
I must not do as much cooking and baking as my mother did. I cannot remember the bucket of flour ever going rancid. In fact, I didn’t know that flour could go rancid until I went to make cookies this Christmas and the bag of flour I bought a few years ago smelled funny and tasted even worse. So, where my mother could keep a 5 gallon bucket rotated, I can’t even use a 10 pound bag of flour before it goes bad.

But then, my mom stayed at home with 8 kids…

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  1. Erin

     /  January 12, 2009

    And that is exactly why I keep my flour in the refrigerator, and only buy it two pounds at a time. It would take me a decade to use 10 lbs of flour!


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