Can’t believe it finally happened…

I’ve lost a library book. The good thing is I have 6 weeks to locate it since I can renew it 2 times more before I have to show it to the librarians. I can remember checking it out. I remember putting it in my purse, I don’t remember ever getting it out of my purse to read but it’s not in my purse anymore. It’s not with the pile of receipts that I took out of my purse. It’s not with the pile of other stuff that came out of my purse. I don’t remember which purse I was carrying when I put the book in it.
I’m usually pretty good at finding lost things which want to be found. I once located a friend’s car keys from several states away (they were under the center couch cushion). I think this book is just jealous because I didn’t start reading it the moment it came home from the library. I started something else, and then started a series which had poor writing but a great background story line (and the last installment isn’t available until April). So, I’m sure it’s around – it’s just pouting and will pop out just in time to be returned – like “Proust and the Squid” did.

But, if anyone knows where I put “Shakespeare’s Landlord,” please drop me a line and let me know where it’s hiding.

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