Tribune Bankruptcy

So Zell is having some of his compancies declare bankruptcy and selling off assets except for the Cubs. So does that mean that the Cubs are making money or is it an ego thing?
I have to admit that I have some ego property and even when things are tight, I haven’t thought of selling them off. Okay, well the thought has crossed my mind but I just haven’t had the heart to really put Grandpa’s Mustang up on eBay or Craig’s List.
I did put feelers out to the family but in such a way that no one thought I was serious.

I can see the Cubs being a profitable franchise. I haven’t looked up their financial history however with my hubby asking for a Cubs hat as his main Christmas present, I have to think there are other non-sports fans who have a tie to the Cubs. It’s that eternal underdog that wins them over, at least it is in our house.

Don’t worry though, after Zell is gone, the Cubbies will win the pennant.

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