Black Friday

I really had no intention of doing Black Friday at all this year until yesterday afternoon when Ixy said, “So where are we starting with Black Friday tomorrow?” She found a camera that she liked in the Circuit City 6 hour deals so we were in line at 4:30 and it was a really nice crowd (unlike that in New York at Walmart).

They didn’t have the camera that she wanted and we were the first in the store to ask for it. They told us that they didn’t receive any to sell. They did sell us the printer that is free after rebate and only available with the purchase of a camera. It was only fair. While I was standing in line for the printer my sister called from New Hampshire, it seems her Target was sold out of the big Lego item she wanted for her son. Well, Target is across the parking lot from Circuit City and ours wasn’t open yet. So we headed over there next. We scored the item and now have to figure out how to ship it across country.

We added a new tradition to Black Friday though. Shopping now ends with a pedicure at the first place we find open. That was wonderful.

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