The Election results…

Well, now that I’m out of school – I can return to my regular election activity: sitting at the desk greeting my neighbors and signing them in as they vote. Today at the polls was incredible. The results of early voting and the new mail in ballots resulted in 30% of the 1354 people in the two precincts I oversaw having their say before the polls even opened today. Usually we only have a 30% turn out. Today we had 68.61% voting. This really excited me. We had so many new voters, it was incredible. We did have one voter who insisted on casting a paper ballot instead of using the electronic machines. He gave us a synopsis of the Numb3rs episode where the elections were rigged from the level of the algorithm in the voting machines.

The more I think about it though, subtracting that 30% we only had 38.31% come to the polling place today, and that is about average.

My only comment on the election results comes from Benjamin Franklin…”When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

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