Thoughts for today…

So last week at work I started reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Change your Thoughts, Change your Life. It was great and I had an urge to share it.
So I typed up a single page synopsis of the first verse (the book goes through the verses of the Tao Te Ching) and gave it to my friend the claims manager. Well the Accounts manager then wanted a copy, and the Health Coach and the claims supervisor. Since I’d given one to most of the managers, I gave one to the enrollment manager too. Well today I went to pass out the second installment and the claims manager and I did some role playing on the action item which was good for me. The account manager had one of her people in her office who then asked for a copy of it. The health coach loved it. The claims supervisor had staff at her desk who all asked for copies of it (and we had a discussion on how – don’t explain, don’t blame, just fix it – applied to our jobs). The enrollment manager took it, told me she’d get around to it and I’m sure it went in the round file based on her tone of voice.

So, I’ve accidentally stumbled into doing some motivational work at work just because I got excited about a book.

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