A horoscope to work on…

September 29, 2008
Positive Power Of Persuasion
Pisces Daily Horoscope

Your positive outlook on life could make others look up to you today. Perhaps you realize that being able to make a good impression on the people around you comes from looking at the bright side of life, even when things seem awry. If you can understand the power your view of the world has not only on yourself but also on others, you might be able to use your optimism to benefit others in a positive way today. Should those around you seem upset or saddened by the way things are going in their lives, you can listen to their concerns and help them see the lessons they might be able to learn from their experiences. Showing others this point of view could make it easier for them to see that everything in life happens for a reason and that there is always a silver lining in every situation.

Our attitudes have the power to influence and impress others. Since our ability to look at life through a certain lens affects not only ourselves but also the people around us, using our sway in a way that is affirming and inspiring shapes the mood of our relationships and our immediate surroundings. If we are able to see the positive side of things, the effect we have on others will be longer-lasting and will also contribute to our society in way that is constructive and cultivates greater insight and awareness. By influencing people through your optimism today, your upbeat energy will have an enduring and positive impact.

And I started a new gratitude journal today…

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