And the house is full of teenagers….

and it’s not what you think…yes, I have a house full of geeks, tonight. So there are odd shaped dice, graph paper, pencils, human calculators (no electronic ones), plenty of pizza and Cheeto’s, and lots of caffeinated soda…Yes, it’s D&D night at my house.

Great to see my kids carrying on the tradition.

On top of that, BNET just suggested that gamers make great employees since they know how to think outside the box. Of course, I know people who had to fire employees for WOW during work. As long as the gaming is saved for after working hours, and they know how to transfer gaming strategy skills to the real life world – I can see where gaming could be a beneficial skill to have in some workplaces. Of course, I know others where being a 12th level Drow wouldn’t be an advantage.

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