When growing up…

it’s a fine line between taking initiative and missing the boat because one didn’t ask for help. My daughter is up at school but comes home weekends until she gets her work bonus from the zoo.
During the last week, she had a bit of a mishap and took out the sidewall of her tire. She was able to put on the spare and then went to the nearest tire store to get a replacement. She was so proud of herself for negotiating the price down to $70.

That’s when her Dad informed her that if she had called home, he would have instructed her to go to a different tire store since she has a road-hazard warranty on her tires and they would have replaced it free. To top it off, the tire she bought is a bottom of the line tire that should have cost about $50.

Well, being my mother’s daughter, I knew this wasn’t the end. I instructed her to take the warranty papers into the store, explain what happened and see what they could do. So today she goes into Les Schwab and they honor the warranty on the tire but they did charge her for rotating the tires and stiping the new one (if she could have proved that the damaged one was stiped like the other three that would have been free too). All in all – $115 isn’t bad for a life lesson learned. In the future, she’ll put together the plan, and maybe call for advice.

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