New Playlist Feature…

So I’ve seen a few people with music on their blogs (my sister Kat among them). I followed the link and created my own. Unfortunately several songs I want were not available, but I can understand that because from what I can tell the site lists to free postings of the songs. I’m hoping that all the links are legal.

I also started reading What Color is Your Parachute? for 2008. I skipped straight to the know yourself section and began with the exercise to answer the question Who am I?

My ten items – –

1. A Daughter of God
2. A Wife and Mother
3. Avid Reader/Researcher
4. Blogger/Writer
5. LifeCoach
6. Intelligent
7. Outgoing
8. Listmaker
9. Creative Textile Artist
10. Computer Saavy

So, what do these items have in common?
How do they apply to the workforce?

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