Picked up my stuff from the fair…

And I made a profit again this year. I spent $8 to enter and I have $12 in prize money plus a $10 gift certificate to Quilts, Etc. So I made a 36% return on my investment. Not bad considering I also get bragging rights for one more year.
Yep, I kept my 1st place blue ribbon for the Needlepoint pillow category. And for the first time, I got a ribbon on cross-stitch from a pattern. Yep, all my previous cross-stitch ribbons have been for original designs. I think there was a part of me that believed that it was the extra points for design and not the stitching. See, I know I have a tension issue. It comes from using stitching to relax at the end of the day.
I did get judging comments on the quilt – both judges said I needed to square it up better and one suggested that I iron it better. They wanted me to pick up an entry for next year’s quilt challenge but I was good, I didn’t pick up any new projects. After all, I’m on a 100 project challenge.

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