“We ran breathing ice cream…” the metaphor from Something Wicked This Way Comes remains glued in my memory as a beautiful example Ray Bradbury’s rich writing. His works have been a basis for Hollywood since the early days of the Science Fiction movie – It Came from Outer Space, Farhenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, A Sound of Thunder, Ray Bradbury’s Science Fiction Theatre, and they’re still using his work. 2005’s A Piece of Wood and this year’s Chrysalis are both from short stories he wrote.
One of Science Fiction’s most prolific writers, his story “The Veldt” is accepted in elementary school as a work of literature and may be some children’s first introduction to science fiction – I remember “The Veldt” as part of the Great Book series when I was in 4th grade. Starting with Dark Carnival in 1947, books have been published almost every year. When I read Let’s All Kill Constance I knew it was him writing and not something along the lines of L. Ron Hubbard’s books. (Hubbard died in the 1980’s but the church he started still publishes works supposedly written by him although the writing style is totally different.)

I was excited to find an interview by him posted this year. It’s wonderful to think that one of my favorite authors is still alive and still writing. I wish him health and happiness and life as long as he wants it.

Hmm, in shades of Men in Black – could Ray be one of those visiting aliens and his stories actually biographic and journalistic instead of science fiction?

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