I can’t believe I did it…

So today, I’m at the Stitching Station going out of business sale and I have $757 worth of sale merchandise sitting in front of me and I just couldn’t do it. I had all the remaining Fibers to Dye For, all the remaining Gloriana Silks, Victoria Sampler’s Q is for Quilter, a finished model (it had been a kit), several spools of Krenik, a stack of Mill Hill Beads for a non-sale total of well over $1000.

The only thing I needed in the pile was the #557 beads (which were part of a multipack, they were out of them in their own pack). and I did it. I walked out with just two packs of beads and left all the rest of it on the table. I spent $1.77 total.

I then went to Craft Center since I was told she would be buying the fixtures from Stitching Station and I want one or two of the Anchor cabinets. So Joy at Craft Center was surprised to see me (haven’t been there in years) was surprised to find out that she was buying all the fixtures at Stitching Station (she had mentioned wanting some but had been told no). By the way, she had the actual pack of #557 beads but I had no cash and she won’t run a credit card for under $5 so I ended up with a 9.99 laying tool (can’t ever have too many laying tools.)

All in all it was a great day of relaxing, stitching and reading and all for under $20. Dang that feels good!

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