Yes, it’s been slow…

But only because it’s been really busy. See there’s this thing that happens whenever I leave the office for an extended period time – people leave. This was the first time in 20 years that I’ve taken two weeks off. I came home to find that 6 people had resigned and I had only 2 days with the systems operator before she left. See my job has always been to step up and fill in when key people leave. Yes, I’m the redundancy built into the system. The only problem with this system is that I haven’t done the sys ops job in over 5 years. Technology changes – so it’s not the same job that I remember. The sad thing is that not only have I stepped into it quickly, I have extra time – this is a good thing. It gives me time to continue being an account rep or to do benefits analysis or to do research and see how to create efficiencies in the system. It’s just a matter of what will be of more value to the company.

Anyway, I’ve been busy trying to figure out what I’m missing in this position since the sys ops always seemed busy during the day.

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