Make up your mind… (a rant!)

There is only one of me. I cannot do it all. If you’re so worried about everything why don’t you deal with it and take some of the extra’s off my desk. Oh, wait, that’s right! You don’t think I do anything in the office but surf the internet. It’s bad enough that you put me on a time clock and then continue to accuse me of not putting in enough hours. I put in 82 hours in a two week period and that doesn’t include the FTO for taking two days off to go to a seminar. Now you have the gall to tell me that you want me to put in even more hours. I should just take my plant and purse and leave you high and dry.

It’s just weird seeing the disconnect between what the middle managers and my clients tell me and the way you treat me. You have been doing your level best for 6 years to make me feel that I add no value to the company. Your actions tell me that anything I consider to be an issue deserves to be ignored. Then when it’s a crisis, it’s my fault for not bringing it to your attention sooner.

I have rescheduled my annual exam three times now (the one the iHealth nurse you pay for keeps calling and chewing me out for not having). I’m supposed to have it tomorrow at 11. I don’t see how I can keep the appointment with the lecture I had today from you on priorities.

Funny, I know I’m not a priority in your eyes, otherwise I wouldn’t have to leave you around 3 or 4 messages in order to get a call back on the projects you assign to me. But then, you’ve also demonstrated that anything you assign to me couldn’t possibly be that necessary to the company because you don’t trust me.

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