Pray for more gratitude?

Prayer is when we ask the universe for something, and meditation is when we listen..

Within the religious culture I live in, prayer and praying for the things one wants are big. But we have to be reminded at the pulpit to pray for gratitude. Years ago I was given a book called, Do Your Prayers Bounce Off the Ceiling?. The main point was learning to listen for the answers to prayers.

Listening at all times can be beneficial. If we really listened to our bodies, we would probably move more and eat less. Listening to our spouses and children would strengthen our family relationships. It’s amazing what you hear when you listen at work or in public – somethings you don’t want to know, others you’re glad you heard. The question then becomes, do you act on what you hear? And how do you act on what you hear?

What if what you hear is a lie? Do you correct the situation or just let it go? Or does it become one of the situations where you pray for guidance?

I think it’s time to listen to the universe, God, and my inner self…

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