Brought my brain home from the office for good today…

Yep, I took my brain home and several other personal items. Seems there isn’t as much room in my new cubicle as there was in my office. The desk space isn’t nearly the same but I’ll get used to it. I do have more usable wall space and it makes sense to have the entire account management team in one area. The only thing I’m really upset about is how it was communicated to me. I had been led to believe that I would be trading offices with the account management team manager. After all, I’ve had an office for close on 11 years now. Then this morning the office manager asks me if I’m packed for my move yet.
“What move?”
“Didn’t they tell you, you’re moving to the cubicle across the wall from C?”
No, didn’t know. So I get back to my office to find that my computer has finally booted up (takes 10 to 15 minutes every morning, doesn’t take half that time when it’s not connected to the network, IT can’t figure it out. He didn’t believe me at first until I demonstrated with the cable hooked and unhooked.) There is an email from my supervisor announcing the change and apologizing for the short notice. I do really wish that they had given me one of the cubicles that would put my back to the east wall. Instead, my back faces the entire room, and my screen is visible to everyone. Oh well, it just means that, until the Flex/IT chick is back from her leave, I’ll be inadvertently sharing HIPAA information of co-workers with everyone who looks at my screen while passing my desk not to mention being in a public area when co-workers want to discuss issues with their own medical claims.

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