The Clouds of Chaos…

And as I kept going through the fog, it got deeper and darker instead of lifting. I kept shouting trying to find my way out, but all I really accomplished was hurting other people’s ears. I’m not sure how many circles I turned or paths I crossed without knowing. I traveled looking at my own feet, trying to avoid the dangers that had to be out in the mist, whether real or imagined. The trouble with looking down while traveling is you never really can see where you’re going. Not to mention not seeing the people you bump into and hurt along the way. So many chances to reach out and steady someone else, anyone else who also drifted in the gloaming; chances passed by since I concentrated on my own feet and not my destination or those around me who needed help, or if not help, just a hand or an arm to lean on, a shoulder to dampen within the moisture of the miasma. How many did I miss while staring at my feet? How many missed me while staring at their own? And what brought the vapor on, and where did it all go? Will it be back? I hope to heaven it doesn’t return, I wouldn’t wish my attitude of the last five months on anyone. All I really have to say is… I’m Back! (and better than ever!) after all I am the goddess of Chaos, I control it, not the other way around.

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