Sunday evening conversation…

DH: Does anyone have a jump drive I can borrow?
Me: What happened to the portable brain I gave you for Christmas?
DH: I don’t know, I think I lost it.
DD: Dad may have lost his brain?
DS#1: You have to ask?
Me: Did you ever take it out of the package?
DH: No
DS#1: Dad’s brain is still in the shrink wrap?
Me: Actually it was a clamshell cover.
DS#2: I think I may have Dad’s brain in my room.
DD: Why doesn’t that surprise me?
DS#2: Yep, I had Dad’s brain, it’s smaller than mine but has more memory.
DS#1: So, Dad’s little brain is bigger than the rest of ours?
Me: Yes, your dad has double the brain storage that the rest of us have.
DD: I thought you had more memory than Dad?
DH: Only in real life.

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