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Doesn’t everyone shop this way?

So I’m in the grocery store today, and at the end of ringing up my items, I hand the cashier my preferred customer card (which is tied to an old address and has a phony phone number, enough people data mine my life without my helping them!). The guy behind me lets out an explicative as he watches my total go from $90 to $41.50. I ask him what the problem is. He asks me how I did that. I mentioned that the store is running multiple 2 for 1 sales. I told him that I learned long ago that I could make my budget stretch a lot further using in store sales. I pointed out that I needed eggs and would normally buy the 18 count large for $1.28 but today, I was getting 2 dozen medium for .99 and I needed bread anyway so why not get the 2 for 1.98? Since I was getting more bread than usual, it paid to pick up the 2 pounds of sliced turkey for $4.99 since I already had cheese which I bought last week at 2 pounds for 6.99. When I picked out the chicken breasts, I found the packages at the butcher block which were still frozen so I knew they were safe to put straight in the freezer (you have to watch that, re-freezing poultry is not a good idea). So yes, I had just picked up a week’s worth of staples for $41.50. No, there weren’t any veggies. I get those from the farmers market after I’ve compared the grocery store price so I don’t pay more for the fresh than I would for the pretty. He jokingly said that he should have me do his shopping for him. I think he was surprised when the cashier who is a friend of my daughter replied, “She will but she charges a 10% surcharge on the total of the groceries.” The cashier then asked me which rain checks I needed and I had her fill three out. He asked if I really would use the rain checks and I said, “Yes in two weeks when they’re back to regular price. In the mean time, they will have been restocked on Sunday and the sale doesn’t end until Tuesday so I can pick the items up Monday evening and then again in 2 weeks. Is this really such an odd way of shopping? I have to admit that it was an ego boost to have him admire how much money I saved, especially when I was feeling horrid about how much I was spending since I had only gone in for eggs, bread, and milk.

(Sept 15, 2006)

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  1. Kat

     /  April 8, 2008

    must have been raised by the same mom. Can you believe I still cut coupons? I too will ask for rainchecks. Eli and I are always calling each other when cereal is on sale. We love Harmon’s. But I miss my KingSooper in Denver – they used to do double coupons. Does anyone do double coupons anymore?

  2. Stasha

     /  April 8, 2008

    Dan’s used to double on Wednesdays.


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