And tonight that special rabbit that poops jelly beans will be visiting our house and trying to avoid the beagle. Beyond the marketing though, Easter is a time to think about the Atonement and the resurrection.

When I was going through my crisis of faith as a teenager, I sat down and listed those things that I believed as truth from all sources. There were a few things that I knew or had such a firm faith in as to believe them true.
1. God Lives
2. Jesus is His Son who came to the earth, took a physical body, died for my sins, and was resurrected on the third day.
3. Resurrection for all is in the Bible and it sounded silly that Christ would take up a physical body just to store it in some corner of the universe if physical bodies were passe` in the afterlife.

Yes, I am a believer in the physical resurrection. When I went searching for a religion to join, I knew it had to teach of Christ and it must teach of a physical resurrection. I only found one and that’s where I am today.

So, those are my beliefs. You’re more than welcome to your own. After all, the plan of salvation is designed that all God’s children have the choice to make their own decisions. Forced belief of any sort belongs in the adversary’s camp.

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