Life update

Just so you know, it’s been a rough couple of months but it’s getting better. So that you have a timeline – – Christmas Day DH had a compound dislocation of 7 ankle bones. Yep, bone came through the skin but nothing was broken. He’s been bed bound for about 6 weeks and it now up to 50% weight bearing for a few hours a day. The new complication is that he has a humungeous blood clot from ankle to mid thigh and has to give himself injections as well as taking pills for blood thinners.

School started back up in January and shortly after that, I came down with a nasty flu bug so I ended up missing a full week of school. Along with that came losing my voice for a good month. That threw me off my stride and I’m just now getting back in a study habit.

We won’t discuss work other than to say I’m the only salaried employee who has to use the time clock, it’s not fair but it’s designed to eliminate the perception that I’m never in the office. Even missing days for DH’s appointments I’m putting in between 38 and 44 hours a week.

Kids are doing well, DS#2 just brought home his best report card ever. He’s passed the test to get into pre-Algebra for next year and qualified to take the Algebra test. This is freaking out his reading teacher who wants us to drop him from the advanced math and music programs since he’s still behind in reading. I’ll pull him from the special ed reading program and go back to paying for private tutoring before I do that.

DS#1 brought home absolutely shameful report cards. Yes, he does the work, he just doesn’t turn it in or the teachers are losing it. One teacher did admit that he probably messed up the entry into the grading system and will correct the grades.

Luckily everything has been going great for DD. Her grades are up and she got her dream job for the summer.

I’m still having medical issues of my own, luckily most of them are being paid for by auto insurance. Although the insomnia is starting to get to me. But then again, we all went off soda when DS#1 got his braces so I’m wondering if no caffeine after using it to regulate my hyperactivity for so many years is part of the issue. But then again, it could be dropping any semblance of an exercise program also. Daylight savings time may help but we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s the run down of my life for the moment and one of the reasons that I haven’t been as active in blogging as I would like. Hope your year is going better.

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