I really thought my kids were more responsible…

As I’m walking out the door to teach my community school class, I tell the 14 year old “Don’t forget to feed your father.” Three hours later when I call home, DH tells me that he’s starved and he’s asked the kids for dinner three times. The responses were “I’m not hungry.” “Later, in a minute.” and “Uh-huh, which resulted in a bowl of spoiled lettuce being put close enough to the bed to make him sick.

So when I got home with a Wendy’s bag for the hubby, I told the kids that 9 pm was way too late for them to eat and (this is so old-fashioned) they could go to bed without supper. Maybe it will help them realize that they need to take better care of their dad when I’m not home. More likely it will just mean that they eat a larger breakfast in the morning.

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