Barnes and Noble pays me to have a membership

I live in a house with no cable TV. We read. I thought I would share this year’s receipt with everyone. Yes, that is 5 and 1/2 paperbacks long. Strangely enough, only 3 or 4 of the entries on that receipt are mine, 2 were for charity, but all the rest are for the children. Yes, all those books are for the kids and they spent the rest of Christmas vacation reading. Christmas vacation was a reading paradise when I was growing up. Aunts would be at the house so I was excused from a lot of the cleaning since they and my mom had control of the kitchen. This meant I had time to curl up behind the tree with the books I got for Christmas and devour them. It’s wonderful to see my kids doing the same thing. Oh and for the record, this year Barnes and Noble paid me $74.32 to renew my membership – yes, it’s a lot to spend on books but my kids are worth it.

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