Electronic Addiction, some random thoughts

So one of the guys in my EMBA class is terminating a subordinate because he’s been spending too much time at work playing World of Warcraft. I have an acquaintance whose husband pawned stuff in order to support a $750 month WOW habit and there is a support group for WOW Widows.

DH is tired of Boy Scouts who can’t leave the electronics home when they go camping. He’s confiscated a number of electronic devices. It seems that kids can’t bear to be unplugged anymore.

When Shatner’s TekWars came out and he talked about people choosing to have implanted devices to make manipulating the Internet easier and it seemed wild but there are kids today who would definitely do something like that. It also reminds me of the Dr. Who episode where the guy goes to the future and gets the implant so that he can stream data.

It’s also been said that a result of the digital age is a shortened attention span but we wonder about the increase of kids diagnosed with ADD?

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