Taking a moment to be grateful for what I have…

I really feel bad about whining the last few days…some people are much worse off.
No one is hunting me like in Darfur.
I have a job even after I screwed up on the 31st.
All my kids are alive today.
No one is critically ill, just banged up a bit.
I have access to funds to replace the furnace (and the 2nd bid came in at 50% of the first so I’m very relieved!)
School starts tomorrow and my tuition is paid.
I have someone who wants me to come home tonight.
I have a home to go to at the end of the day.
Dinner will be waiting for me there.
I have leisure time to do what I wish while I’m at home.
I can speak my mind and vote for the leaders I want.
I can worship who, where, when, and how I wish.
There is enough stash in my house to keep me busy for 4 years.
People generally like me when they meet me, they don’t turn away in horror and disgust.
I have friends all over the world.
I will make this year better than last year.
I worry about having too much weight on me rather than not enough food in me.
I have skills that people want for which they pay me.
I have information that other people will pay to learn.
I can read and have access to books and the internet.
Medical care is readily available even if it is expensive.
I can drive to work, I don’t have to walk even if public transport is not available

All in all, I have it pretty good.

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  1. Lee

     /  January 3, 2008

    That’s putting things into perspective! One time I really screwed up at work and I was completely distraught. Other crazy things were going on in my life that were making me nuts, too, so I called my dearest friend. She said, “Look, did you kill anybody? Did anybody die because of this mistake? Then it’s not so bad.”Now, even when things are going horribly wrong, I still think of her words. And I figure that whatever it is, it’s not so bad and I’ll get through it.I’m thinking of you and hoping that your troubles become smaller and more fleeting.


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