Greetings from ice cold Pasco, WA

I’m used to November in Utah being cold. This year has been an exception and I forgot that the rest of the country may actually be having a winter this year. So I arrived in Pasco ready for my several hundred mile drive with a copy of The Jane Austen Book Club, my business attire, my handouts and projector and no coat. That’s right, no coat. It is freezing up here. Mind you its midnight and I only arrived 2 hours ago so I’m not sure what the days will be like but at this rate I’m going to be cranking the heater up in the Vibe that I’m driving (is it just me or does it seem like all the rental cars have really weird names lately?)

At least this trip is only 2 days and the really good part is that I get to have dinner with SeattleJen and see her stitching, even if it is freezing.

And just think, next week, I’ll be in sunny Arizona – I can think of that to give me the warm thoughts to survive this freeze.

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