I thought I had a working rotation!

So last month I redid my rotation and bought a new stopwatch. I was just feeling out of control and wanted to have at least something that was in order in my life.

So I worked on my focus piece for 4 weeks and when I went to take it down DH asked what I was going to work on next. I told him I was going to throw a quilt up on the little frame. His response – “Can’t you wait until after Christmas?” Now his response is justified considering that Harry Potter #3 was up for 10 months but it was on a full size frame that takes my entire sitting room. This is the little frame that sits in front of my TV chair it’s only 2×3 ft. He does have a point in that I’m scheduled to be out of town with work more than I’m in town this month and we’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner at our place.

So, as much as it annoys me to do so, I probably ought to reorganize a few of the slots and redo the rotation, especially since I haven’t stitched my sisters Christmas ornaments this year. It’s a good thing that this month’s SAL is ornaments and obligations.

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  1. Margaret

     /  November 6, 2007

    That sounds like a good plan. If your scheduled rotation includes something that you have to be at home for, this month it’s probably better to change it and get back on track after your travels!I can’t wait till you get here!


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